Doug Burroughs, P.Eng

Doug is a Professional Engineer with 29 years’ experience in reservoir, exploitation, operations and production engineering. Throughout his career, Doug has served in various roles at Western Gas Marketing Ltd, Coles Gilbert Associates Ltd (currently GLJ Petroleum Consultants), TransGas Management Inc., Encal Energy Ltd., Calpine Canada and El Paso Velvet Exploration Partnership. Key roles included reservoir economic evaluations of oil and gas properties across Western Canada, exploitation of oil and gas, including strategic planning, budgeting, acquisition and divestiture recommendations, exploration play risked economic evaluations and property value enhancement evaluations. Doug co-founded and served as the Vice President, Engineering of both Gladius Energy Inc and Skana Exploration Ltd before co-founding Sitka Exploration Ltd. in 2011.

Doug holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and is an APEGA Registered Professional Engineer.




Sitka Exploration Ltd.